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I’m a Los Angeles based, Local 600 Cinematographer and Camera Operator. I have most recently worked as a 2nd Unit DP, and Camera Operator on the Academy Award winning “La La Land”, and “First Man”, both for director Damien Chazelle. Prior to that, among many other projects, I also worked with director David O. Russell on the Academy Award nominated “American Hustle”, and with director Gus Van Sant on “Promised Land”.

My approach to cinematography is strongly influenced by a background in the arts. I have a Master of Fine Arts degree from the UCLA School of the Arts. At UCLA I was given the invaluable opportunity to work closely with, and learn from such notable artists as John Baldessari, Jeff Wall, Catherine Opie, James Welling, Mike Kelley, and Chris Burden.

I believe that cinematography is most effective when there is a clear concept and answer to the foundational question of “why” you are filming something. Developing a concrete answer to “why” will in turn, provide clear direction when deciding “what” and “how” to best go about filming something. As a Cinematographer this is how I start every project. Through this investigation I then strive to produce images with deliberate purpose, and significant visual meaning to every project with which I’m involved.

“It’s all true. I am an artist, an anti artist, a romantic, a realist, a postmodernist, a beatnik, subtle, confrontational, accessible, obscure, spiritual, and profane.” – BRUCE CONNOR – artist, experimental filmmaker